Plant New Trees in the Fall for Best Root Development

Posted by Amy O

Aug 22, 2011 5:27:00 PM

Planting trees in the fall promotes optimal root development for healthy, long lasting trees and shrubs.

During the fall, trees, shrubs, and plants of all sizes focus their energy on root growth and development, while in the spring their energy is focused on producing foliage and flowers. We like to refer to these two stages as above-the-ground growth and below-the-ground growth. Above-the-ground growth is what makes the trees and shrubs beautiful; however, it is the below-the-ground behavior that truly determines a tree or plant's livelihood and health. Without a strong root system, a tree, shrub, or plant, will have trouble gathering water and nutrients, and may even be up-rooted during storms or under heavy stress. Optimal root development is key to the success of a tree or shrub.

Choosing to plant in the fall will pay dividends immediately come next spring. Planting now will ensure there is plenty of time for a healthy root system to grow, allowing the newly planted tree to last through the winter, and beginning flowering or foliating early next spring. If you choose to wait until spring to plant, you'll be missing out on an entire flowering season.

Growing conditions are perfect in the fall. With warm, sunny days and cooler, moist nights, trees and shrubs can develop the root systems they need rather quickly. Our Certified Arborists highly recommend planting in the fall. If you'd like to discuss fall planting options, please request a free consultation with an Arborist, or call 978-223-4268.

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