Natural Hand Pruning for Optimal Shrub Care

Posted by Amy O

Aug 15, 2011 12:31:00 PM

787ae9ec9023a82f5aa7e4c1a64f73cb_MPruning shrubs by hand will help promote healthy, beautiful shrubs all season long.

Natural hand pruning is a labor-intensive tree and shrub care method; however, investing the time in hand pruning will pay substantial dividends all year long. Hand pruning shrubs is the best way to shape and manage healthy shrubs. An experienced Certified Arborist is able to effectively prune out all dead wood, add a desired shape to the shrub, and control any insect and disease issues that me be developing.

Natural hand pruning is not the quickest, or easiest form of shrub care. Shearing shrubs is a much more efficient manner of shrub care, yet its results are very different. Shearing should only be used for large hedges where natural hand pruning is not an option. For all other shrubs and ornamental trees, natural hand pruning is by far the best method for the best results.

If you're looking to prune the shrubs and ornamentals in your yard, consider consulting an Arborist first. Their expertise can help determine the appropriate method and time frame for your shrub care. Call 978-223-4268 to schedule a free consultation.

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