Tree Removal Decision Tips

Posted by Amy O

Jul 5, 2011 11:27:00 AM


The decision of whether or not to take down a tree can be daunting. Consider these few tips when making the tree removal decision to ensure optimal results and satisfaction.

The tree removal decision can be difficult; however, in some cases, tree removal is necessary to prevent property damage, to add new construction, or to clear your yard of an old dying tree. Deciding whether to remove a tree can be even more difficult if you have an emotinal attachment to it. Follow these few tips to ensure you get the best tree removal possible.

1. Is your provider is fully insured? Unfortunately we've heard of circumstances where people have employed uninsured tree service providers and suffered severe property damage. Though it doesn't happen often, it is always a possibility.

2. Is your provider a Certified Arborist? Massachusetts Certified Arborists must keep their certification current, meaning that they are constantly studying and are always at the highlest level of arboriculture education.

3. What equipment does it require? Tree service providers will offer crane service, bucket trucks, and tree climbers to take down trees. There are limitations depending on size, location, and accessibility of the tree. Usually, crane service is the quickest but most expensive; while bucket trucks are the most cost efficient means of removal. Tree climbers are necessary in tight areas, where trucks and cranes can't access.

These three tips will help you get off on the right foot when choosing a tree service provider. Cut-Rate Tree prides itself on combining quality with afforadbility to provide the best tree service on the North Shore and Greater Boston Area. Click the button below, or call 978-223-4268 to talk with a Certifed Arborist about tree removal options.


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