Brush Mowing

Brush mowing is the ideal choice to clear an area that is overgrown with tall grasses, shrubs, plants, and small saplings. Our brush mowers can tackle the tough areas that you never thought possible to mow. The area will be left with little more than shredded mulch in the mowed area.

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What Our Clients Say

  • The guys responded quickly, given the emergency nature—the tree was about to uproot itself and with another storm coming a couple days after that, we wanted to avoid wires being pulled down with it. They clean up nicely afterwards too.

    Mags, Salem, MA

  • I just want to thank you for the great job you did trimming and guying our 50 foot 4 trunk paper Birch last spring. The tree is so happy and looked great with its canopy of healthy foliage. The best summer it has had in years. We are very pleased.

    Tim, Melrose, MA

  • My sister and I thought that the crew was amazing climbing the very tall trees in the yard. They cleaned up the mess and were very careful with our fence. It was really something to watch.

    Debbie, Danvers, MA